What is YOUR quest for your Best?

YOUR quest for your best is a comprehensive program that addresses the total YOU!

Everyones life and challenges are unique and diverse, a one-size-fits-all program, often does not succeed.  We all have the basic needs of nutrition and exercise, but with some one-on-one exploration, we can discover your unique needs and obstacles and work on finding success  on YOUR journey of Your Quest for Your Best!

This journey is personal in nature, but, gives you the gift of support and accountability.  it is also multi-layered.

1. Physical assessments-Functional movement screening

2. Yoga classes, Yoga-Bells™, Interval Training

3. Guidance on diet and nutrition.

4. Yoga therapy to help find any physical handicaps holding you back.

5. Setting goals! Sankalpa

6. Discovering your Dharma Code (what is your true reason for fulfillment)